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“Lildonia was a very professional coach who did not lecture or advise but allowed me to understand my own abilities to achieve my goals through developing a well thought plan. She helped me to create a space where I could reflect on what I have achieved so far and that I have the confidence to continue achieving regardless of external influences”


Dionne, Life Coaching Client





"You have made me achieve so much with myself and my weight...You’re a really good trainer, the best instructor I ever had and a friend too it’s lovely that you have a great bond with all your clients"


Kelly- Personal Training Client





“I wanted to work on improving my confidence in personal relationships and being more assertive. We worked on a lot; I found the vocal exercises to be really useful. Also, working on my posture was a great help. I started remembering the importance of standing up straight when talking to others, which increased my assertiveness. I'm really happy that I met with her. I feel a lot more mindful of ways to project confidence... Thanks for all you've done for me!"


Bill- Life Coaching Client


Lildonia always makes me feel at ease and offers me a multitude of ways to engage in new exercises. She has been able to show me things I can do with my body that I didn't know before. Since joining her classes I have felt happier, healthier and motivated. This is down to Lildonia herself, due to her continous positive engery and caring nature. Thank you Lildonia for all your help and always making everything fun!

Sarah- Fitness Class Attendee



"I love Lildonia's classes and events and would never go to any other class only hers! She always gives 100% to her students and we give the same back to her. Lildonia is the 'Pied Piper of Dance'! Where she goes, we will go!! Best teacher ever and her class and the music makes you feel alive!"


Marian- Fitness Class Attendee



"As an instructor, Lildonia is an excellent communicator and puts a great deal of effort in every class. Her enthusiasm, passion and energy radiates throughout the dance studio. She does a great job of keeping everyone motivated and providing good advance cues for dance step changes and safety pointers to cater for all levels.

Lildonia is also an excellent dancer, she moves gracefully and it is inspiring to watch and learn from her. Whenever I attend her class I know that I will be blown away by her sense of rhythm and musicality, as well as her body movements and isolation. Her classes are always fully booked, fun and exciting, and she varies her routines regularly with her own striking and original choreographs."


Michael- Fitness Class Attendee