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Wellbeing at Work


Work related stress is at an all time high and an estimated 137.3 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury in the UK in 2016 with mental health issues resulting in 15.8 million days lost (Office for National Statistics)


Do your staff need a boost? Are they fatigued, drained and demotivated

If the answer is 'yes', why not consider Move With Lildonia's Wellbeing Workshops.


I have carefully these workshops constructed using leading methodology from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and life coaching. The workshops support employees to improve their wellbeing, resilience and improve their coping strategies.


After participating in a workshop participants feel refreshed, energised and determined to make their wellbeing a priority leading to less time off of work and an improved service throughout the organisation.




I deliver four workshops specifically for professionals. They can be run as stand-alone sessions or structured as a course.




Look After Your Mind:

Covering conscious ways to look after your mental health including nutrition, sleep, exercise, and interpersonal relationships




Stress Management:

Learning how our mind works under pressure, the psychological/physical impact of stress and coping mechanisms to improve our stress response.




Motivation and Goal Setting:

Understanding the difference between willpower and motivation. Figuring our individual motivation, learning how to set SMART goals and working out how to stay on track.




Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma- Avoiding Empathy Burnout:

A workshop specific for helping professionals to explore the psychophysiology of working in service user facing roles and developing awareness of what we as professionals pick up from our clients.





"After attending Lildonia's workshop I feel really inspired. I was getting really run down and every day felt like a marathon. I couldn't see the wood from the trees. I've learned a lot about myself today and now understand how stress can make my body react. It was good to think about how I can avoid this and I will try my best to be proactive with my stress levels as opposed to being reactive which is what I would have done before. Thank you Lildonia!!!"


Maria, Social Worker


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