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Wellbeing for Young People

Our young people need looking after too and this is an area that I am passionate about having worked in youth services and education since 2008.


The proportion of young people reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression has increased from 18%  to 21% and young women are more likely than young men to report symptoms of anxiety or depression (Office for National Statistics).


My youth workshops are suitable for young people aged 16-24 and can be provided in a range of settings.


Topic Areas Covered are:


•Introduction to Nutrition & Healthy Eating


•Sex & Relationships Education (Contraception, STI's, Healthy Relationships, Consent/Boundaries)


•Body Image/Self Esteem




•Understanding and Managing Emotions


•Conflict Resolution


•Stress Management


•Looking After Your Mind





"I have loved attending the young women's sessions with Lildonia. Every week I discovered something new about myself and I really loved completing my journal after class as it gave me time to reflect on my week.


My favourite session was the healthy relationships as this was something important to me. It taught me what I will and won't put up with in relationships and what my personal boundaries are. I'm going to miss seeing Lildonia and the girls every week but I'm glad more people will get to experience the course too"


Sara, A- Level Student



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